Why Millennials Prefer REAL Books

We have many options on how we read our favorite books. With the rise of eBooks, are real books even a thing?

Recent studies show that although eBooks had their 15 minutes of fame, turns out millenials actually prefer real books. But why? We're like, so technologically savvy.

Ever started reading a book on your iPad, then find yourself checking your work e-mail 20 minutes later? When you spend all day of your "adult" life in front of a computer, iPad, or mobile phone, it's easier to escape into a new world without those distractions. Many say that reading a physical book takes you into the story. You absorb the smell of the page, the weight of the book, and you subconsciously remember the physical location of the words. You become part of the story when you hold a book in your hand. Keep your adult tech life in the office. 

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Top 10 Thrillers of 2017

Although Gone Girl didn't start the psychological thriller genre, it certainly fueled the craze. If you loved the unexpected twists and crazy characters, check out our recommendations on the Top 10 Thrillers of 2017. We'll keep updating for new upcoming titles of 2018! 

  • It's Always The Husband - Michelle Campbell 
  • Into The Water - Paula Hawkins 
  • The Perfect Stranger - Megan Miranda 
  • Every Last Lie - Mary Kubica 
  • The Secret She Keeps - Michael Robotham 
  • The Breakdown - B.A. Paris 
  • The Lying Game - Ruth Ware 
  • A Stranger in the House - Shari Lapena
  • The Good Widow - Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke 
  • I Found You - Lisa Jewell 

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5 Reasons to Join a Book Club

There is nothing better than diving into a good book....except sharing that experience with your friends. Join a book club in your area or start a new one with your fellow bookworms! Why?

  • There's always wine. Literally, there is ALWAYS wine. 
  • Some books just need to be discussed. Remember how you felt after you read Girl on a Train? You just had to talk about it with your friends. Book club is a great opportunity to talk through different perspectives. Like they say, no two people read the same book. 
  • You meet new people. Even if your bookclub starts out with your 3 best girlfriends, encourage everyone to bring along a friend or coworker to the next hang. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and understand new perspectives. 
  • You branch out of your topic genres. Always read non-fiction? Bookclubs will often get you out of your comfort zone and give you the opportunity to read something you normally woudn't. 
  • It gives you a reason to READ! Reading gives you an amazing understanding of the world, even from your own home. It's easy to let something like reading get away from you while you're adulting. Hold yourself accountable each month with a book club. 

There are so many benefits of reading for pleasure - check out our blog to read more! 

Reading helps me understand different cultures, time periods, religions, and environments. Thanks to The Book Exchange, I can experience a different world each month AND have the convenience of having the book delivered to me. It's a great way to expand your horizons! 
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